Father’s Touch Apostolic Family

Leaders Relating as Sons of their Father

Near the beginning of the new millennium, a vision was given to our founder in which the hearts of the sons of God around the world were pierced by a heavenly hand using a needle that eventually linked them all together with golden thread, although the thread remained slack between the hearts. The vision was repeated about 18 months later, and after the threading was completed in the vision, the hand began to pull the golden thread and the hearts began to be drawn together as a result.

We believe that the earthly destiny of God’s sons will become manifest [Rom 8:19] when they relate through love for one another [Jn 13:35] as leaders who know their identity in Christ and are secure in their sonship in the Kingdom of God.

Our Vision

The Father’s Touch Apostolic Family (FTAF) was birthed in late 2008 in response to the expressed desire of several apostolic Steve-HighRes leaders around the world to relate to one another as sons of our Father in heaven and as leaders coming together and aligning themselves under the apostolic, fatherly leadership provided by our founder, Steve Trullinger. Such an alignment and partnering to provide biblical, spirit-led leadership (of families of church congregations, community outreach groups, and Christlike ministries to the needy), apostolic evangelism, and mentoring among the generations is well-recognized as being essential to the fulfillment of the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations [Mt 28:18-20].

Steve shares in the delight of our Father as the sons of God are encouraged to receive the love and acceptance of Jesus, and to step into their destinies as lovers of God and advancers of his Kingdom. His vision of providing avenues for the loving touches of Abba to be truly felt (and received) has led him on a quest to see the “threading” of the hearts of the sons of God around the world and to facilitate the coming transition that will reveal the manifest glory of God to all creation [Rom 8:19].

FTAF is more than a network. It is a family of leaders who share common values necessary for the nurture of both emerging and mature apostles and the desire to encourage one another in their “disruptive destinies.” By yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and by cherishing the fruit he develops, these leaders help set examples through their love for one another as disciples of Jesus [Jn 13:35].

Our Mission

To support and encourage a growing international family of apostolic leaders who share these key foundational values in the Body of Christ:

  • Sonship in the Kingdom is recognized as our basis for identity and value.
  • Relationship founded on love for one another is recognized as our basis for unity.
  • Leadership in the Kingdom is recognized as a manifestation of our call to servanthood.
Statement of Belief

Functional Family

Our family of apostolic leaders embraces function rather than the dysfunction that has been so prevalent in the Body of Christ, in large part due to the paucity of loving apostolic fathers who invest in the lives of their “spiritual” children. By continuing to receive and embrace more love from our Heavenly Father and stepping into our “sonship” as co-heirs with Christ, our family experiences the blessing that comes from cherishing one another and valuing the upward call of Christ on each of our lives. From this foundation of family relationship, we grow in effectiveness as apostolic leaders and bring delight and glory to our Father in heaven.

Who can be a member?

The Father’s Touch Apostolic Family (FTAF) is structured “generationally,” according to relationships with “spiritual parents.” FTAF is designed to grow in a generational sense, not by membership in the usual “network” manner. FTAF is committed to keep its specific focus on supporting and equipping apostles and emerging apostles in a spiritual family environment. Thus, while a given member may have outstanding prophets, evangelists, pastors, or teachers as spiritual children, the primary role of FTAF leaders is to concentrate in particular on the support and nurture of apostolic leaders. This focus helps keep FTAF from spreading “too thin” and diluting its efforts to serve leaders called to apostolic ministry.

Because FTAF is not an “ordinary” leadership network, but rather a “family,” there is strong emphasis on relationship rather than just loose connectedness or listing on a membership roster. Instead, Steve and the FTAF Overseers (see below) place a high priority on family relationship among the sons and daughters in FTAF. This necessarily means that a large size of FTAF is not a priority, but rather that the quality of relationship and interaction is paramount. Therefore, the primary memberships are based on spiritual “parentage,” rather than organizational association.

Many highly qualified apostolic leaders interested in FTAF membership may hold positions of substantial responsibility and influence in the Body of Christ, but do not yet have a close relationship with an FTAF Overseer. Those who desire to develop such are invited to initiate and foster connection, via FTAF Affiliate Membership, with our FTAF Overseers that can grow into strong, vibrant, and effective relationships as spiritual “sons” and “daughters.”

These considerations are reflected in the membership categories described below:

These are men and women who have (1) a personal relationship [as spiritual sons or daughters] with our founder, Steve Trullinger, and (2) have demonstrated apostolic office and/or function as leaders of groups of churches, ministry associations (such as pastors’ fellowships), marketplace associations of “Kingdom companies”, or networks of ministry leaders. An important part of our vision is to assist these key apostolic leaders as they endeavor to gain even more effectiveness as “fathers” in the Body of Christ, and to foster interpersonal relationships among these men and women as they work together to advance the Kingdom of God. This membership is by invitation only.
Senior pastors, ministry heads, and Kingdom-business leaders, who are apostles or emerging apostles, and who are aligned (as spiritual sons or daughters) with the apostles overseeing the above organizations will be welcomed to membership in FTAF as recognized leaders who affirm (by their examples) the value of apostolic alignment and accountability. These senior leaders will be regarded as spiritual “Grandsons & Grand-daughters” of Steve, upon the recommendation of their apostolic “father” or “mother.”
As FTAF leaders continue to raise up apostolic sons and daughters, over the course of time there will eventually be “next-generation” apostles who join the family, e.g., “great-grand- children,” “great-great-grandchildren,” and so on. As this happens, the FTAF Overseers will be appointing “next-generation” overseers from among their apostolic spiritual children to help guide and direct their own growing “families.”

As mentoned above, senior pastors, ministry heads, and Kingdom-business leaders seeking apostolic alignment and the resulting benefits thereof may apply for Affiliate Membership in FTAF. [This includes apostolic leaders overseeing organizations of leaders, but who are not yet considered spiritual sons or daughters of the FTAF Overseers.] Depending on geographic location and ministry/business callings, these members may be invited to join the “family” of one of the FTAF Overseers described above, to help build strong relationships with other leaders and in turn provide a broad base of support for the leaders they nurture. The goal is for the new member in this category to become aligned with an apostolic leader! [Membership in this category will require sponsorship by an existing member of FTAF.]

Affiliate Leaders Application Form

In addition to direct membership in FTAF, we recognize that some leaders who belong to other families or networks will wish to be in association or alliance with FTAF. These “cousins” will partner with us as appropriate to bring increased benefit to all concerned. [Membership in this category will require sponsorship by an existing member of FTAF.]

Allied Leaders Application Form

Benefits of Membership

There are several benefits to the members in the Father’s Touch Apostolic Family (FTAF):

Relationship among the sons of God is a key focus of FTAF and as a consequence we emphasize the importance of apostolic alignment and fathering relationships with recognized leaders.

HIMHarvest International Ministry (H.I.M.): Members of FTAF will not only be in relationship with our founder (affectionately called Papa Steve by many), but also with Steve’s overseeing apostle, Ché Ahn. As the founder and leader of Harvest International Ministry, Ché has gathered more than 30,000 senior pastors and ministry/marketplace leaders together in a network of like-minded servants of Jesus who share common core values for belief and ministry (see attached statement), and similar passion for equipping the sons of God [Eph 4:11-12]. More information about H.I.M. can be found by visiting their website at: www.harvestim.org.

Revival Alliance: Through personal relationships and friendship with H.I.M. founder Ché Ahn, several apostolic leaders of large international networks help foster core values that are common with those of FTAF and they exemplify the kind of loving, fatherly guidance for the Body of Christ that we desire to emulate and foster throughout our family. These close relationships serve to enhance the connectivity and effectiveness of each of these fathers and mothers as they serve not only their respective networks but also exhibit love and concern for all of the allied “families.”

The members of this alliance are at present:

Ché & Sue Ahn Harvest International Ministry www.harvestim.org
John & Carol Arnott Partners in Harvest www.partnersinharvest.org
Rolland & Heidi Baker IRIS Ministries www.irismin.org
Georgian & Winnie Banov Global Celebration www.globalcelebration.com/
Randy & DeAnne Clark Global Awakening www.globalawakening.com
Bill & Beni Johnson Global Legacy www.igloballegacy.org

Revival Alliance helps to expand and multiply the scope of what the individual member ministries are able to accomplish by partnering together to advance the Kingdom of God and provide a highly visible example of how brothers and sisters in all parts of the world can love one another! [Jn 13:35; 17:23]

By fostering relationship-building among leaders in various regions around the world, FTAF membership enables these leaders to be introduced to one another and to develop avenues for expressing the love of Christ toward one another, rather than “competing” for position and influence. The focus of schools and workshops will be on the development of leaders through biblical study programs and practical application of leadership principles through servanthood, as students learn keys to helping “build up the Body of Christ” through the equipping of the saints [Eph 4:12]. FTAF will draw on relationships with apostolic fathers and mothers to provide assistance for events that focus on training of leaders to train the saints.
Through the facilitation of communication among FTAF members, new possibilities emerge for mutual support and encouragement. By providing visibility of members through a website members’ directory which includes biographies and pictures (when available), FTAF helps provide family “identity” and foster brotherhood among these leaders!

Members also receive periodic email newsletters from our apostolic leaders and are encouraged to submit news items, praise reports, event announcements, etc., that may be of interest to the entire family. Podcasts from our leadership team, mp3 recordings of teachings, trainings, and workshops, as well as written instructional materials in pdf format will be made available online for the convenience of our members who have access to the internet. Regional leaders are encouraged to make recordings available at low cost to members in outlying districts without internet access, and to provide resource materials at low- or no-cost during regional events.

Upon completion of servant-leadership training programs/courses/workshops, FTAF members and guests will receive an appropriate Certificate of Servant Leadership, signed by the presiding FTAF apostle who oversees the training event(s). For certain extensive biblical leadership training programs, students will receive a diploma during a regional graduation ceremony held in honor of their achievement. When possible, a regional FTAF overseer and/or our founder will be in attendance to congratulate the student and to commission them as a servant-leader.

[As our curriculum expands, there will be opportunity for teacher-leaders to develop relevant materials for use by the entire family of leaders.]

Responsibilities of Members

Members are expected to affirm our basic statement of belief [Statement of Belief]. By having agreement on the basic teachings of the Word of God, and resisting any spirit of division, even while honoring minor differences in our expression of worship, our members bring pleasure to our Father in heaven.
Members are expected to display, by example, the attitude of Christ toward those they lead [Phil 2:3-7].
Members are expected to support the biblical practice of tithing. On a personal level, tithing to their local fellowship is encouraged, and on an organizational level, apostolic leaders are encouraged to tithe to FTAF according to their organization income level. [These tithes to FTAF are purely voluntary, and all giving should be motivated by a cheerful heart.] From these funds, FTAF will in turn support the regional operations of local events, programs, ministries in severe need, etc.
[The Father’s Touch Apostolic Family, in like manner, follows this practice by tithing 10% of its unrestricted income to our apostolic covering organization, Harvest International Ministry (H.I.M.).]

The policy of FTAF is to disperse income funds coming from tithing members back to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the same country of origin. Regional overseers are entrusted with the responsibility to steward these funds as directed by our Executive Board of Overseers.

Members are expected to exhibit behavior above reproach, in a manner consistent with the leadership qualities outlined by the Apostle Paul [1Tim 3:2-12; Titus 1:6-9]. If the need for loving correction/discipline arises, members will be expected to submit to the authority of the overseeing apostolic leader(s) and the Executive Board of Overseers, as well as the oversight of Harvest International Ministry and its Board of Apostolic Directors. Restoration rather than “punishment” is always the goal of discipline/correction [Gal 6:1].
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