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Father's Touch

/Kirsten Larsen

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So far has created 48 blog entries.

Steven Kaka

Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulu
My Story: Steven, and I just completed S.4 and am going to S.5 this year 2017. The Lord has been so good to me from the time he choose me from Awe camp in Gulu to joing the UJV...

Richard Onen

Jimmy Otukeme

DOB: 9-21-1994
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulu
My Story: “I come from a family of twelve children. Unfortunately six of my siblings have died and now we are six remaining. I have three brothers and two sisters. Both my parents died when I was little. In 2006 my mother was killed by the Kony rebels and my father was kidnapped, now presumed to be dead. My grandmother died in 2007. It was such a hard time for me. I lived with an older brother who is an alcoholic with two wives (polygamy is common in Uganda). I was so lonely, I was not going to school, and there was very little food and shelter. But glory to God for what He has done in me now.”

Cosmas Olara

DOB: 9-26-96
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulu
My Story: “I just want to thank God for what He has done in my life since 2006 when I was adopted into my school family. I have three sisters and one brother at home and I thank God that they are safe from any harm because God is protecting them, and He will always protect them.

Sunday Okete

Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulu
My Story: “When I was a boy of five years old I lost both my father and mother. Thereafter I was taken to my stepmother who never cared about my life. So she decided to move away from the house where we were living with my two brothers and sister because she said she cannot take care of orphans.

Simon Okema

DOB: 9-12-1994
Gender: Male
Hometown: Acholi Tribe
My Story: I have two brothers and sisters and I am a Ugandan of the Acholi by tribe. I grew up in the war that has been going on in Northern Uganda that lasted for over twenty years leaving very many people displaced, killed, or maimed. My parents died during the war. They died when I was twelve years old leaving me with my younger brothers and sisters, to take care of them. I had to work hard to get something to eat; life was so hard for me. I lost all hope for myself. I was not going to school because I had no money for school fees.

Eric Okema

DOB: 11-9-1994
Gender: Male
Hometown: Acholi Tribe
My Story: Erick Okema is shaping up to be a leader among his school family, when he came for the first time in 2006. He is strong in body, mind and spirit. Erick is from the Acholi tribe of Northern Uganda where he was growing up in the Awer Internally Displaced Peoples camp. Erick’s father died of AIDS in 1994 before Erick was born. By God’s grace Erick was not born HIV positive. Erick’s mother died of sickness in 2004.

Collin Kakanyero

DOB: 12-15-95
Gender: Male
My Story: “My name is Collin Akanyero, and I am in Senior 2 (ninth grade). I would like to thank God from where He brought me up to now. I want to thank God for protecting me since I was young and I am still alive. I pray that He may be with me until the day I meet Him (in heaven). I also want to thank God for bringing me here to school and I also want to thank God for the people here who are standing with us (and love us).”

Joel Waka

Gender: Male
Hometown: Gulu
My Story: “I was born in an Internally Displaced Peoples camp in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. I experienced war and I thought I would not survive, but by God’s hand He picked me up from that place and brought me to the school in Kampala. At school God has used wonderful people who take good care of me, providing me with clothes and food.”

Monica Amito

DOB: 1999
Gender: Female
Hometown: Gulu, Uganda
My Story: “I have two sisters and we all have the same mother. (They tragically lost their parents when they were young.) My father was killed by the Kony Rebels and my mother was poisoned. So after my parents died, we began living with my grandmother.” Monica was ten years old when a missions team came to Gulu, and asked her grandmother for permission for Monica to be able to go to a Christian school in Kampala, she said yes! Monica currently is the only one from her family here, no siblings, cousins, or any other family relations.