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  • eliah-safi-yombi-thmb

Eliah Safi Yombi

Elia is a very hard working boy and he is the oldest boy at Hope Home at age of 11, he loves to sing and help his friends. He is the head of the boys at Hope home. Read More →
  • nsnagi-reginah-thmb

Nsnagi Reginah

Regina is Martha's older sister, she is very hard working and loves working with others participating in activities. Read More →
  • juuko-andrew-thmb

Juuko Andrew

Juuko is a bright little boy, Loves God and enjoys story telling. He wants to become a teacher in the future. Read More →
  • ssemuyaba-ivan-thmb

Ssemuyaba Ivan

Ivan is one of the smartest/active boys at Hope home. He enjoys being part of every activity, this has opened his intelligence at doing different things, and being creative, which help his friends to learn. Read More →
  • kizza-samuel-thmb

Kizza Samuel

Samuel is a very hard working boy, he love to be participant in many actives which makes him happy every time. He is a young brother to the twins sisters Rebecca and Juliet. Read More →
  • sunna-ronald-thmb

Sunna Ronald

Ronald is a kid who every mother would like to be have him as a son, he keeps a good company of his friends at Hope Home. Read More →
  • katelega-ivan-thmb

Katelega Ivan

Ivan dreams of being a doctor in the future. he lost his parents to AIDs/HIV at age of five years. Read More →
  • basayufu-kevin-thmb

Basayufu Kevin

Basayufu KevinKevin is very kind and happy boy who loves his friends. He wants to become a pilot in the future. Read More →
  • naluwoza-sheila-thmb

Naluwoza Sheila

Sheila is a very gifted girl that helps her friends in many Hope Home activities like singing, dancing, praying, cleaning and others. She wants to be an architecture in the future. Read More →
  • mukasa-bashir-thmb

Mukasa Bashir

Bashir is a very kind and caring boy. He is from a Muslim family. Bashir was found living with his mother and three siblings in a 10 by 10 feet single room with no money to afford a meal. Read More →
  • najjeba-carol-thmb

Najjeba Carol

Carol is an orphan, She lost her father to Aids her mother is very ill surviving on Aids drugs called ARVs. Carol‘s mother’s can no longer do anything to help her and her brother Ronald. Read More →
  • nabadda-martha-thmb

Nabadda Martha

Martha is a very smart and bright girl, she survived from being sacrificed by a witch Doctor. she was offered to ancestral spirits (African evil spirits) by her heartless father who was promised riches by witch doctors once he offers one of his own blood child. Read More →
  • nekasa-esther-thmb

Nekasa Esther

Esther is very hard working and very obedient. She wants to become a doctor in the future. Read More →
  • ningila-gloria-thmb

Ningila Gloria

Gloria is a very happy and friendly girl. Ester is her older sister, they are both from Busia district, and she wants to become a doctor in the future. Read More →
  • nampera-elizabeth-thmb

Nampera Elizabeth

Elizabeth is one of the smartest girls at Hope Home. Her future dreams is to become lawyer along side being a gospel musician. Read More →
  • nakato-juliet-thmb

Nakato Juliet

Juliet is Rebecca's twin sister, she loves singing, dancing and her too caring girl just like her twin sister. Her dream is to become a teacher in the future. Read More →
  • babirye-rebecca-thmb

Babirye Rebecca

Rebecca is Juliet older twin sister. She was born in July 16th. She came from a very poor family from the Nazigo Village in kayunga District. Rebecca’s Hobbies is to lead prayers and she wants to be a law Read More →