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Jimmy_OtukeneMy Story: "I’m so happy this day that I am writing to you because of all the great things God has done in my life. It was just a few years ago that we were still in the refugee camps because of the war that was going on in Gulu in the Northern part of Uganda for the last 25 years. Many people lost their lives including my mother and six of my siblings. I had been living with my older brother and his family but this was very lonely time for me and I didn’t have enough food or shelter. But then God brought me to the Jesus Village where we were provided with food, clothing, shelter and someone to take care of us in life. Surely God was doing amazing things. But then we almost lost faith because we lost our funding for the home. We didn’t know what to do but pray and then God answered us by sending Papa Steve and Father’s Ministry. It has been people like you that have helped my dreams to come back to life and I am so thankful for you!" My favorite activity: I like to play soccer. My Dream: “I want to do missionary work to help the hopeless. I want to be an accountant… and some day I will be president of Uganda.”