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My Story: “I was born in an Internally Displaced Peoples camp in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. I experienced war and I thought I would not survive, but by God’s hand He picked me up from that place and brought me to the school in Kampala. At school God has used wonderful people who take good care of me, providing me with clothes and food.” Dwaka_JoelCurrent year in school: TBA What I like best about school: “I have been taught the Word of God and Godly morals. I am so grateful now that I speak English and read the Bible.” My favorite activity: “I do a lot of singing and dancing in my free time and at times I go for Bible study. I like playing football (soccer) so very much; it is a time to be with my friends.” My Dream: “God has shown great love for me and I believe I have a bright future ahead of me. It is so great what God can do. God is still doing more and more here at our school and home. He is doing miracles and He is using more people like you to be a blessing to us. Thank God so much and I pray that He will continue with His good work. God bless you.” Read My Blog