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Akello_JoyceJoyce's Story: Joyce at age sixteen is the youngest of three children; her two older sisters are twenty-five and twenty.  She has never met her father and doesn’t really know her mother. Joyce was raised by her grandmother and aunt, soon after she was born her mother gave her grandmother guardianship.  When Joyce, the youngest of 3 children, was eight she began living with her aunt. In 2006 Joyce was living in a refugee camp with her aunt, when the coordinator of the camp gathered all the names of orphans or needy children.  This lady asked Joyce’s aunt for permission to write her name on the list.  Joyce was happy and excited when she learned she would be moving to Kampala. However Kampala was vastly different from where she was raised in a village in north Uganda.  “It was a new lifestyle, culture, and living with people of a different tribe was hard. I had a difficult time communicating because of language differences.” In 2006, though she had been raise Catholic, Joyce became a Christian, and has developed a stronger prayer life. What I like best about school: I try hard in school, and dream of one day being a teacher. I would like to teach secondary students about history and literature. My favorite activity: I enjoy reading novels, writing poems, and listening to music. I am  most happy when I spends time with friends, writing stories and singing! My Favorite Passage:  Psalms 23 is my favorite passage…whether sad or in difficulty it always reminds me that I am not alone, I have a shepherd who cares for me and guides me. Read My Blog