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Aber_MaryMary's daddy was a drunkard, her mother left both her husband and children because of his drunkenness. Her mother is believed to have died but no details are known and she has five sisters and one brother. At age 4, Mary and her 6 siblings moved in with their grandmother.  As the eldest girl, she always had a lot of responsibility. When Mary was ten years old a white man came to the village, and began sponsoring her to go to school-she was able to go for 3 years! “I don’t know why I was chosen but I know it is because of God’s grace.” Current year in school: 12th grade? What I like best about school: I enjoy learning about geography and different cultures. Fav Activity: I enjoy reading a good novel and exploring God’s word. I especially like the verse in Isaiah 49 that speaks of how God knew him while he was in his mother’s womb. I also like joking with people, dancing, and making people laugh. My Dream: I pray I will be able to study Business Administration in university, so I can operate a big company, one that manufactures lotions and soaps. If the Lord makes it possible, I also dream of becoming a lawyer. Ready My Blog