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Amito_MonicaMy Story: “I have two sisters and we all have the same mother. (They tragically lost their parents when they were young.) My father was killed by the Kony Rebels and my mother was poisoned.  So after my parents died, we began living with my grandmother.” Monica was ten years old when a missions team came to Gulu, and asked her grandmother for permission for Monica to be able to go to a Christian school in Kampala, she said yes! Monica currently is the only one from her family here, no siblings, cousins, or any other family relations. Monica went to church while she lived in Gulu, but only at Christmas. While living at school she went to church often, which is where she heard of Christ and gave her life to Him. Monica asked Christ to be her Lord and Savior in 2007! What I like best about school: “I actually enjoy going to school, especially reading.  Math is hard for me, but still I enjoy learning more and more about it.” My favorite activity: “My favorite things? I love reading stories, playing football, swimming, and playing any kind of game! I am happy when people tell a jokes and make fun for all around. I love to laugh…it hurts her when people are mean.” My Dream: Even though math is challenging for Monica, she has the dream of one day becoming an accountant.  “I want to learn how to make money and be responsible with how I use it.’ Read My Blog