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You can help us send the Father’s Touch to those in need even if you can’t physically reach them yourself. We have ministry teams working in Africa and also support mercy ministry to the needy (see below).

Our monthly partners contributing $35/mo or more periodically receive FTM podcasts and personal messages from Steve as one way of saying thanks for your generosity.

Partners also receive a 20% discount on:

  1. FTM Resources
  2. Registration fees for FTM-sponsored events (conferences, seminars, etc.).
  3. Administrative portion of the team-member fee for FTM-sponsered missions/crusade trips.

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Through your tax-deductible (one-time or monthly) contributions you serve a vital role in the ministry of compassion of our Father to the sick, the lost, and the fatherless! May the Lord richly bless you as you partner with us to help those in need in all the ways listed below:

Giving Options

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 General Donations

Give a one-time general donation
Sign-up to give monthly to the general fund

Give to Steve’s Personal Support

Steve's personal support this month (one-time donation)
Sign-up to support Steve monthly—help him reach his Board-approved salary! Any excess will be used to support travel expense & office staff

Support our Associates

Michelle Smith

Africa Ministry


Help us fund our next Freedom Festival/Crusade (one-time donation)
Help us fund our local Africa teams each month

Support our Mission Team Members

You will be able to enter the team member's name at the last stage (review info page) before finalizing your donation via PayPal.


Help us rescue families from poverty (one-time donation)
Help us rescue families from poverty (monthly donation)

About Our Finances

For more information (including financial) about The Father’s Touch Ministries that is maintained by an independent monitoring organization for non-profits, please visit this site: