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URGENT NEED: Sharon is 1 of 4 youth that is in need of raising funds to complete their last semester of school. She needs to raise $600 by August 15th. If you would like to make an investment in her future, you may choose one of the options below.
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Adong_SharonSharon’s Story: The saddest moment of Sharon’s life was when she was 8 years old. Her father was captured and killed by Kony’s rebels. Her mother is still alive but sickly; she lives in Gulu and “digs” for a living (subsistence farming). When Sharon got the opportunity to come to UJV/school, she was thrilled at learning & thought life would be easy and there would be no more problems; she would now have the opportunity to become someone great. “It was difficult at first. It was hard rising early in the morning, eating different kinds of food, and I didn’t know any English. But since living at school, I now speak English and my grades have risen!” In 2006 while being here at school she rededicated her life to Christ, and her character and confidence has grown. Her prayer life has strengthened and now shares her faith with others. “Please pray for the salvation of my un-saved family members. And that I will be used for Christ here at school/UJV and for provision for continued school fees and the opportunity to continue on to university.” Sharon is a good student in the top third of her class. “I have much to be thankful for, a good education, the behavior and manners that I have been taught, the loving heart of Jesus, provision, God’s mercy, and love for the world.” Isaiah 49 is one of her favorite passages because it talks about how the Lord chose his people, to help them and to be their all. My favorite activity: I enjoy swimming, playing football, and like any other girl, I love to shop! My Dream: I want to to change Uganda for the better.   I want to become an accountant, to deal with money but most of all I want to stop the corruption that has ruined Uganda.  I have a dream of becoming a musician, a gospel singer! I want to reach people who have only heard secular music with the Words of Christ through my songs. Read My Blog