Concy’s daddy was a drunkard, her mother left both husband and her children because of his drunkenness.  Concy’s mother is believed to have died but no details are known.  Concy has five sisters and one brother. All seven of the children have the same mother and father.  At four years old Concy and her siblings moved in with their grandmother.  Because Concy is the eldest girl, she always had a lot of responsibility.  Concy’s cousin, Richard, also was brought to the Uganda Jesus Village (UJV).
When Concy was ten years old a white man came to the village, and began sponsoring her.  Due to him she was able to go to school for three years! Sadly after those three years he ceased to sponsor her, and she was back to her old life.  The Lord had a plan for her life because it was only a few months later when UJV came.  Concy doesn’t know why she was chosen as one of the children to start a fresh life, but she knows it was because of God’s grace.
Concy enjoys reading a good novel and also exploring God’s word.  She especially likes the verse in Isaiah 49 that speaks of how God knew her while she was in her mother’s womb.  Being at school makes her happy; she especially enjoys learning about geography and different cultures.  She likes joking with people, dancing, and making people laugh. She feels discouraged when there are no school fees and she cannot be in school, or when there is a shortage of school supplies.  Another thing that discourages Concy is when she is not in God’s presence, digging into His word and praising the Lord. Before coming to live at UJV she was Catholic, but Concy praises the Lord that she has become a Born Again Christian.
Concy has big dreams for her life ahead of her, her life after she finishes secondary school.  She hopes to operate a big company, one that manufactures lotions and soaps.  If the Lord makes it possible she also dreams of becoming a lawyer.
Concy used to be a very stubborn little girl, but over the past six years of living at UJV that has changed.  Now she has developed a humble spirit, she enjoys helping people; often the stubborn people.
Concy is currently eighteen years old and is studying in Secondary 2 (Ninth grade) and she is one of the top students in her class. Concy will be nineteen on November 11, 2012, yet she is content to continue her Secondary studies and in time prays she will be able to study Business Administration in university.