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Kaka_StevenMy name is Kaka Steven, and I just completed S.4 and am going to S.5 this year 2017. The Lord has been so good to me from the time he choose me from Awe camp in Gulu to joing the UJV. I want to thank God for protecting me since I was young and I am still alive. I know that he is with me and he will never forsake me. It come to pass that I had lost hope of going back to school to complete my education but somehow God a made through Papa and all of you God people standing with us (and love us).”

What I like best about school is being able to play soccer My favorite activities are riding Boda Boda and reading my Bible. My favourite food is rice and beef! I want become a business man and make a lot of money so that I can support the missionaries.