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Okete_SundayMy Story: “When I was a boy of five years old I lost both my father and mother. Thereafter I was taken to my stepmother who never cared about my life. So she decided to move away from the house where we were living with my two brothers and sister because she said she cannot take care of orphans. There were four of us and we would finish her food. So my elder sister started to take care of us. She worked as a laborer in people’s gardens to get us food, but then she got married and we were left with my brother. We had nowhere to go so we had to return to our stepmother. But two weeks later I was separated from my brother who went with my sister and I remained with my stepmother. My stepmother mistreated me so much I used to cry daily and I always wished my parents were alive to take care of me. As a boy of six year old I had to go work in the gardens, then collect firewood and fetch water. If I missed a day I did not eat. My stepmother even started telling me that my parents died of their own stupidity. My stepmother used to beat me with a club whenever I would speak of school. So one day I decided to go to school. When I came home she took my one pair of shorts and t-shirt and left me naked. A neighboring friend gave me his shorts which I wore and I ran away to my sister’s place. My sister tried to send me to school but she never had enough money to pay the school fees. Then the white people came to camp and somehow my name was written on their list and I was taken to Kampala to live at the new school. My school family showed me love and cared for me and I learned English. I never knew God in any way, and they would call us to pray I would hide under my bed. But God loved me and saved me and now I am an evangelist.” What I like best about school: “I feel so happy when I see myself passing my exams and being promoted to the next class (grade).” (Sunday is a strong student.) My favorite activity: “I love to play rugby as my number one game, and I also love football (soccer).” My Dream: “I love to preach and bring people into the Kingdom of God. My dream is to be an evangelist, but for a profession I want to be an accountant after my studies.” Read My Blog