One Word is Enough!
On the third night [Dec 9, 2016] of our 5-night Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we were blessed to encounter a greatly increased level of joy and freedom at the field when we arrived. One major reason for this shift in the "atmosphere" had to do with the crowd exerting authority over the demonic realm on the previous night. On that second night, I preached on the authority demonstrated by Jesus (see Mt 8:16) when he drove out evil spirits with a word. A single word! The Gospel writers do not record what that word was, but I guessed that it was "Go!" So, I encouraged the believers in the crowd to issue a one-word command in Swahili to all the demons who were afflicting the people present on our Festival field. That word was "Nenda!" - which means "Go!" Many people indicated that they were delivered because of that authoritative one-word command! On the third night we began by asking for testimonies of healing/freedom from the second-night Festival, and a man named Sylvester came to the platform to testify that he was delivered of tormenting bad dreams as a result of the "Nenda!" command. Sylvester finally had a night with only "good" dreams, after 32 years (his whole life!) of persistent "bad" dreams! He gave all glory to God and praised Jesus for his freedom that came through the one word command issued by the crowd: "Nenda!" This was but one example of why the "atmosphere" shifted at our Festival field: there is authority in the voice of the believer! S. Trullinger Submitted on 1/25/2018
More “Contagious” Healing! – July 14, 2017
Thank you, Steve, for being the godly man that you are. Your ministry has touched SO MANY lives, including my own. I may not have told you this story. I was in your class on healing, in Salinas, several years ago. After many lessons and stories , and opportunities to practice healing, you had a session in which you called up a woman who had never healed anyone before. She followed your direction, and commanded healing for a woman with arthritis in her hands. The woman was INSTANTLY healed!. After this, you had us separate into pairs to command healing. I went straight for the woman who had just been healed of arthritis in her hands, mainly because I had arthritis in MY hands. She commanded healing. I didn't feel anything, but believed in God's goodness and in His desire to heal me. As I drove home that night, I was suddenly aware of God's presence with me in the car. My hands were completely healed! Thank you so much, Steve, for your passionate faithfulness to God's amazing call on your life. I am forever grateful. Bonnie
One Less Pain in the Neck!

A wonderful missionary sent me (Steve) this urgent message recently:

"Can you please say a prayer for my healing....please?!!! I have a herniated C 5-6 and have been dealing with pain both in my neck and down my right shoulder all the way down to my thumb and forefinger. Thank you!!!!!!"

So, I prayed for her on the phone. Here is her testimony I just received this morning:


"Just so you know God used your prayer and through a message to me while you were praying to heal me Steve. I have NO pain at all. I am completely healed by a miraculous divine healing that Jesus paid for. You can use my testimony for others who don't have faith for their own healing!!! And here I am a missionary who has prayed for many and seen so many healings. The message of this healing is this to me:

Someone is going to pay for my healing. Me through a doctor which is fine.


Jesus who has already paid but for a divine healing

My choice."

From S.R.  (July 14, 2016)

Contagious Healing! – “Pay It Forward!” – 1/29/14
Michelle S.

[This woman was healed in dramatic fashion, and then ministered similar healing to another person with chronic back pain just a couple of days later! "Freely you have received, freely give." (Mt 10:8b)]

I was visiting Salinas for 4 days & was invited to come pray for college group at First Presbyterian Church in Salinas & to come support Pastor Steve Trullinger.  After worship & reading through Acts 5:12-16 on Peter walking past the sick in the street & his shadow falling on them, healing them by the power of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Steve asked the audience if anyone had back pain & called us to come up to the front.  After suffering from 15 years of chronic back pain, I got up out of my seat & came forward in faith.

He asked for a Christian volunteer in the audience & a 19yr old young man named Robert came up. He was instructed to not pray for us but just look straight ahead & walk past the 4 of us who were standing up in front.  Robert walked past us & 2 girls were healed of their back pain instantly & sat down in their seats.  Robert walked by again & someone else was healed & sat down. I had felt tingling in my arms but I still had pain/discomfort.  Robert walked by a few more times & I began to feel the tension & pressure lift.  One more time, Robert walked by me & Pastor Steve walked by me also, opposite directions. I felt the pain disappear & felt light.

After service ended, I felt some stiffness in my neck & shoulders & asked for Pastor Steve & my friend Juaquin to lay hands on my shoulders/neck & pray in Jesus  name to heal it & realign my back.  They prayed over me & I almost fell backwards, Juaquin had to stand behind me.  I felt light as a feather & 100% healed!!   Thank you Jesus!!  For the 1st time in 15 years I have no more discomfort or pain!

Two days later, I met a sister in Christ for lunch whom I haven't seen in a long time.  After sharing about how the Lord healed my chronic back pain on Sunday night, she shared that she also has suffered for several years due to back pain after a bad car accident.  After lunch, we walked back to our cars in the parking lot & she stood still as I walked past her several times.  Each time I'd ask her how her back felt, & each time she would feel more loose & less pain.  After several times, she felt heat in the middle of her back--which was where her worst pain was-- and now the pain was completely gone & she felt tingling in her arms, like I did.  She felt stiffness in her shoulders & I laid hands on her & prayed for her.  God took the stiffness/tension away immediately!  She felt light as a feather.  Both of our faith increased.

Thank you Lord!!!

- Michelle S.
Orange County, CA

Stomach Stone Can’t Stop This Student! – 8/14/13

[This high school student in a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya, was completely healed of a "stone" in her abdomen, and gave her life to Christ in August of 2011. She is still doing well, and excelling in school!]

Praise the Lord, my name is Eunice M, the third born in a family of four.  My father passed on while I was a little child and my mum was left with four of us to take care of and provide all we needed. At the age of six I was admitted in class one and when I got to class eight this thing turned around against me. I still remember one good Saturday  when our uncle who was living in Nairobi invited us for a party after he had come back to the village for Christmas celebration.

After we had eaten as much as anyone needed, I went back home to my mum that night I did not sleep. There was such terrible pain in my stomach that I thought I would be dying the next minute. From that day I developed a problem in my stomach and there was a hard thing like a stone in my stomach and I could even feel it. Because I had done my class eight exam at the end of that year the results were now out and I had done so well; but the devil wanted to destroy my life.

In January 2011 I received an admission letter to one of the best girls High Schools in our area but I could not go, the reason being that I was going through severe pain and my mother could not manage to pay my school fees. I then moved from the village to Mombasa to stay with my cousin and also to seek for advanced treatment.

We went from one doctor to another and one church to another for prayer and also one native doctor to another but it did not get well.

In 2011 August a friend invited us for a Gospel Crusade in Kongowea (Mombasa) where we lived and attended on Sunday. After the preacher had preached on how Jesus healed all manner of sickness and diseases, I requested everyone who was believing God for a miracle to believe as he prayed.

As the man (who was a Mzungu [white person], Steve) was praying, I felt fire in my stomach and as though there were things that were being removed from my stomach. I didn’t even bother to keep thinking about it because it was a problem I had gotten used to. Later when we went home that night I realized that there was no pain and that hard thing in my stomach had disappeared! Praise the Lord I was healed.

The following Sunday I went to church and felt so good. The same day I give my life to Jesus and my life was totally free.

In January 2012 my pastor organized my going back to school class 8 and I accepted. I sat for my final exam at the end of the year 2012 and I passed so well.

In January 2013 I was admitted to a High School and through the assistance of my Pastor I began my secondary education and am well to this day of writing this testimony.

God has done great miracles in my life.

May His Name be praised now and forever! Amen.

Supernatural Seed-Sprouting! – 10/13/12
Jennifer W.
[Praise report from seed-planting in Wisconsin!] Steve, Wisconsin misses you (okay so I'm taking the liberty to speak on behalf of my whole state).  We are looking to be more activated in the gift of faith and healing.  The seeds you planted are sprouting.  Local denominational pastors are even preaching the supernatural and healing. Some churches are writing "to become a center of healing" into their mission statements.  And others are ready to launch into regular community healing services, and I know a few who go to the streets looking for opportunity to pray with people.  I'm so blessed to see a shift in attitude. I've always known my region was a "religious" area that valued the religious dos and don'ts, so this is exciting to watch.  It's becoming normal to believe for the supernatural.  I just want to thank you for speaking into my region and planting seeds in our atmosphere.  I wanted to share with you a few things I see and hope to encourage you.  And if you're ever in Wisconsin again you know you have a place. Be blessed. - Jennifer W
Veterinary student heals patient! – 9/24/12

You once told me to pray for my animal patients and I thought that was weird. Now am glad to tell you that I prayed for a dog, Tiger, and he had a rapid improvement. He had kidney problems and now he has been discharged! Thanks Steve; to God be the glory!

- Racheal

Jinja, Uganda

Another Healing Minister Launched! – 5/10/12
Vicki W.

"Hi Steve! I met you at The Refuge, Course on Manifesting Miracles!

I applied the principles you taught & experienced my first healing with a woman at the altar !  Woohoo! My Daddy can do anything !!"

- Vicki W.

Lala salama! (Sleep peacefully!) – 4/29/12

Dear Steve:

I thank God for you and the Father's Touch prayer team. As you know last Wednesday your team prayed concerning a sleeping problem I have had for years. At the prayer meeting I traced the problem back to 1980. After the meeting, however, my wife reminded me that the problem was exacerbated then, but that I had the problem even before then. In any case I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of my sleep since Wednesday and feel refreshed when I awake. Please feel free to share this with your team. I praise God for his wonderful love. May your team continue to extend the father's touch P. S. I have had two sleep studies concerning this problem.

- T.H. - Pasadena, CA

Itching to Pray! – 12/22/11

Recently, my daughter called me to ask for some medical advice about an intense itch that she was experiencing in her body.   After giving her some very limited medical input, I asked her if I could pray for her, and she was happy to receive it.  So I prayed for a few minutes and then stopped and asked her how she was feeling.   She was so amazed!  She said that as soon as I had started to pray, a cooling balm came over her body and that the itch had totally gone away!  And, the itch has not come back!  So we are both saying, "Yeah, God!"

- S.H., Pasadena, Ca