Lala salama! (Sleep peacefully!) – 4/29/12

Dear Steve:

I thank God for you and the Father's Touch prayer team. As you know last Wednesday your team prayed concerning a sleeping problem I have had for years. At the prayer meeting I traced the problem back to 1980. After the meeting, however, my wife reminded me that the problem was exacerbated then, but that I had the problem even before then. In any case I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of my sleep since Wednesday and feel refreshed when I awake. Please feel free to share this with your team. I praise God for his wonderful love. May your team continue to extend the father's touch P. S. I have had two sleep studies concerning this problem.

- T.H. - Pasadena, CA

Itching to Pray! – 12/22/11

Recently, my daughter called me to ask for some medical advice about an intense itch that she was experiencing in her body.   After giving her some very limited medical input, I asked her if I could pray for her, and she was happy to receive it.  So I prayed for a few minutes and then stopped and asked her how she was feeling.   She was so amazed!  She said that as soon as I had started to pray, a cooling balm came over her body and that the itch had totally gone away!  And, the itch has not come back!  So we are both saying, "Yeah, God!"

- S.H., Pasadena, Ca

Two Scoops of Ice Cream! – 6/28/11
Charles B.
[God reminds a man of an impacting childhood experience, through Steve's "offhand" comment at a home ministry meeting that confirmed the value that our Father places on time together with Him.] Brother Steve Trullinger .. Greetings .. A while back, maybe 2-3 years ago, you came and spoke at one of home groups here in the K.C. (Kansas City) area,one associated with the International House of Prayer. I'm glad you came. I'd been wanting to hear testimony of the Work of God through the Body of Christ .. testimony of such as you gave. I kept "amenning" you, and since I was really close by you, I think it was a bit distracting to you. But you allowed the Holy Spirit to perfect it, and He grabbed it and increased it like He did the little boy's lunch. Here's what he did; I've been wanting to tell you this testimony, ever since then. You told us testimony of the miraculous that goes on regularly in and through your ministry and those involved in it. Made we want to leave with you ... So I kept amenning you. The testimony and teaching and exhortation you gave was very needed, wanted, and desired. Amen. So, you said something about the amenning, and I made a comment that we were eager to hear the testimony of what you were telling us. So, you said if I kept ammenning you'd get me two scoops of ice cream. You didn't realize what you'd just said, what Jesus did ..... Two Scoops of Ice Cream When I was about 9 years old, my dad was working about 12 hours a day to support his family of 3 kids and his wife, my mother. Praise the Lord for them. So, one day my dad comes home early from work. He got off work early in the day, just as a gift. I heard him tell my mother that he was going to do something he never gets to do: take his son down to Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream.   Just him and me, walking the 4-5 blocks to the ice cream store. We ordered ice cream. I got 2 scoops on one of those pointed cones. Sure looked good. My dad got 2 too. So, my dad asks me a question, and I tilt my arm sideways and .... plop... my 2 scoops of ice cream fall on the ground. I'm kinda looking at it like, oops, now what? But my dad acts quick and says, "No problem, it's not your fault. I think I've got enough change for 2 more scoops to replace those. So he checks his pocket and counts it out with the ice cream clerk, and he has just enough change to get me 2 more scoops. Now this time I am very much more careful with my 2 scoops of ice cream, as my dad and I walk back to the house eating our ice cream and having needed fellowship. About 25 years later ........ I'm spending some time with the Lord at the House of Prayer. The Lord keeps reminding me of the walk with my dad to get 2 scoops of ice cream on a day he got off work early. I have this revelation about it. It wasn't the ice cream; it was the walk with my dad. God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, is the same way, even more. He provides many things for us to enjoy, but He is the Real Enjoyment, and the walk with Him is The Event, continuously. So, He goes out and finds the "book" I want. Him bringing it is the joy; He is The Joy. So, when you said, after my amenning you so much, that if I kept amenning, you'd get me 2 scoops of ice cream ........!! That's why I replied to you, "I'm going for 5 scoops!" Joy in Jesus, Charles B. Belton, MO
Pain Vanishes! – 5/5/10

People healed at IDK Meeting, Torrance, CA

Wow!! What a GOD we serve! I witnessed dozens of people who had present pain in the meeting claim the pain was gone immediately when the prayer teams layed hands and prayed. One person had constant pain in their arm for several months just vanish and they were full of tears and praise! Thank you for coming to Coast Christian Church!

- V.S.

One More For Jesus! – 3/7/10

Good evening brother Steve. I have a praise report for you. A friend of mine Nicole just emailed me and said she just asked Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior.  She said your video testimony really touched her and led her to salvation. Thanks again Steve for all that you do for Christ. Heaven is partying right now!    

- Neal

Jumping For Joy! – 2/26/10
Alex L.

I can’t thank you and the team enough for praying for me on February 15. I think my feet are better, although the bunions are still there and the big toes still hurt. But other parts of my feet that had been hurting recently are not hurting now, and my big toes are not hurting as much. In fact, they only hurt in a bent position. So I’ve gone back to a life of jumping. I jumped in worship at Bethel for the Friday evening and Sunday morning services, and I’m jumping to Bethel worship on the internet, and have suffered no ill effects, including no sharp pain. Praise God! Jesus is sooo good. And I’m so happy! I love to worship! It’s my favorite thing!Also, I’m noticing that it seems as though my hands/thumbs are not hurting as much as they were before you and the team prayed for me.

Praise God!
Alex L.

Defeat for Down’s Syndrome – DNA changing? – 11/19/09
Lisa P.

Hi, Steve.

My mom and my sister (S.) who has Downs Syndrome went to your seminar in Pasadena couple of weeks ago and received prayer from you. After that prayer, S. is almost a different person.

She started to speak more clearly and express herself, her anger or her pleasure, at what was happening around her instead of just withdrawing into silence. She started to explain what she wanted to do instead of sulking or giving us the silent treatment because she knew we would not understand.

When we asked her about her change, S. said it was because of her DNA! She understood and remembered what you had said in your prayer.

She is expressing herself with us.   She had never done that before in such a free manner.

We wanted to share what God has done through you.

Thank you for your prayers,

Lisa P.

Pain Yields to Persistent Prayer! – 9/19/09
Gail M.

[During "Body Ministry" time (at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, CA) at the conclusion of a Sept 13 message by Steve Trullinger entitled "Make It Harder For God To Surprise You!" ,  persistent prayer pushed out pain, by the next morning!]


Well God is always surprising us isn't he? I attended your message last Sunday night at Harvest Rock Church and during our time of prayer for people in pain a young lady named "Jenny" asked if she could pray for me. I have been suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck that has caused me such severe pain I was about to start injection therapy and possibly surgery in my spinal cord. I have not been able to easily drive myself or comfortably sleep. I have had a lot of pain before, but this was very localized, intense pain because it was on the nerve going into my shoulder, arm and hand. The pain was keeping me from functioning. She prayed once. She asked how I felt. I did not sense any change. She wanted to pray again. She asked again if I noticed anything and I did not. She asked if she could continue to pray. She continued and then told me that she had a vision of a clamp on my nerve. I told her I did not "FEEL" any different, but I felt the touch of God's hand upon me. I have experienced it before and know the touch. I thanked her so much for her diligent, sincere prayer.

I was still numb in my hand and arm. I went home and went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke without pain. I could not find the pain which had been a constant companion to me the last few months. Each morning I wake up [now] without pain. This is not just decreased pain. It is NO PAIN. I still have numbness in my fingers, hand and arm, but NO PAIN. I can drive myself, sit, sleep without taking pain pills and muscle relaxants. I believe that God loves the prayer that is persistent in asking. God has no favorites and wants to touch so many more people if we would only ask him.

- Gail M.

Belief to Heal! – 9/14/09
[Healing during ministry by the congregation (at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, CA)  on Sept 13 at the conclusion of message by Steve Trullinger entitled:   "Make It Harder For God To Surprise You!"] What an amazing evening at HRC with Steve Trullinger!   Steve shared with us how we can pray for the sick and they WILL recover- all things are possible to those who believe! As we came to the close of our meeting, there were many people standing - all with pain in their bodies.....as we were instructed to turn to those closest to us and declare healing over them in the name of Jesus - that is what I did....and wow!!..... as i spoke those words over my brother in Christ in back of me - he began to weep with his wife holding his collar bone area stating that the pain was gone!!     Praise the Lord!! What an encouragement this was to me - as I pray regularly for those who are in need of emotional healing but to see the physical healing right in front of my eyes was just the best!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you brother Steve for bringing this message to us and sharing God's heart!! -Cari
The Greatest Miracle! – 8/22/09

Hi Steve.

This is Ben ... You met with me at my uncle Rick's home a few months back. You and Rick ministered to me and prayed with me and eventually I was saved and baptised in Christ (though not with water). I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for your time that day. It did then and still does mean a lot, as we had never met before. I'm still new in Christ, have good days and bad days(as expected) and am occasionally unsure(as expected again) but I feel better.I feel like I've made real progress. I feel the Holy Spirit in my life, changing the way I think and feel about things. My attitudes and desires are not the same as they were before. It was very subtle at first, but I've come to notice it a lot more in the last month or so as I realized things that have changed without me even noticing(such as cursing which I don't seem to do at all now, nor have a desire too).I can still feel the enemy always trying to place doubts and temptations in front of me but I'm much better at fighting them back now with God's help. Amazing how much easier things are when you are not relying entirely on your own strength.

Only in the past week I've started to feel a real need to devour the Bible and it's helped matters drastically. I cannot say how exactly, but it has. It all comes back to the word. That is where the strength comes from. The assurances come from. The belief comes from. God's word interpreted for us by the Holy Spirit.

It's amazing stuff!