Dead Muslim man in Kenya raised by his daughter’s faith in the Name of Jesus! – 7/12/09
Charles Omuroka

[This testimony from Apostle Charles Omuroka (our former Regional Overseer in Kenya & Tanzania) illustrates the importance of sharing our faith in Christ with those around us! A Muslim neighbor of Charles is now alive and professing Christ, because of the faithfulness of Charles' son Emmanuel to share his faith with friends!]

Where I live in Kakamega, I am neighboring Muslims and my son Emmanuel is a friend of some Muslim boys and girls. So a Muslim man whose name is Juma, whose children are friends of my son, fell sick and my son came to me and informed me to go and pray for that man but then I delayed a little. The Muslim religious leader (Sheikh) went to say some Islamic prayers before I went there and a voice spoke, do not go until I will allow you to. The following day, the man was announced dead. The report of this man's death went up to school where a young daughter, one of my son's friend, learns.What I would like you to get in mind is, whenever these children play together with my son, he usually mentions the name of Jesus demonstrating to those Muslim children how we preach at the Church and people get slayed and get healed.

So listen to this, coming back to the Muslim's daughter, when she came back to their home and found that people were crying and had already put the body of her father on a mat, preparing now a white clothe to put in the body of her father, she told her mother that, "If our father is really dead then take care of the title deed of our land, if it is the will of God for our father to die, but before that Mama let me take this Holy Bible and read the book of Psalms" She just opened and started reading, of which she does not remember chapter or the verse. After that she pressed the stomach of her father and called the name of Jesus Christ, and asked her mother to help to let her father sit. Many of the Muslims and many other people around thought that the girl's head was disturbed because of the father's death, but she insisted for her mother to help her let her father sit upright. The mother obeyed and helped to let her father stand upright, and then she called the name of Jesus again. She said,"In the name of Jesus Christ, father come back to life!" Her father opened his eyes and came back to life. When he came back to life, the first thing he said, "Call for me Pastor Charles Omuroka, for I would like him to lead me to Christ, for I will never go back to a Mosque but to Church." I was called at around 8.45 pm, and now I remembered what the Lord had spoken to me that I will get there by his timing. I led this Islamic man to Christ and felt peace in his heart. This Sunday of July 12th, 2009 this Islamic man called Juma came to Church with all his family members.

- Charles Omuroka

Food Freedom as Allergies Flee! – 6/22/09

[This is a praise report from a healing service in early June, 2009, after which a young boy's food allergies appear to have fled from him!! Here is his mom's testimony .....]

Hi Steve,

My name is Dena. I asked you to pray for my son Colin at the Sunday night service on June 7th. (New Horizons Church) My request was for healing of his allergies and asthma. While you were praying I heard you say something like "Wow! That was awesome, Thank you Jesus". I didn't get to talk to you after you prayed because my little guy was running and being rowdy, but I wanted to let you know what has happened since you prayed.

A little background on him: Allergic to peanuts, wheat, soy, banana, tomato, and eggs. He has different reactions with each different food, but it always turns into asthma issues within 2 days max. (We found out about his allergies when he was 9 months old with peanut butter.)

On Friday the 12th, we had a birthday BBQ at the park. Of course there was cake, but Colin has never liked cake. In fact, he has never shown interest in the things he's allergic to, thank you Lord. On Friday, however, he asked me for cake. Over and over again. My protective and cautious side said "no!", but there was something telling me "yes, just a little bit". So after he fell off the table I gave him a few bites of cake having decided that I was gonna put my faith in God that he had healed Colin. So I kept an eye on him for the next few days, just being cautious and watchful. Nothing showed up.

Usually the first step of any reaction is dark purple under his eyes. With wheat it would then progress to welts all over him and then to asthma. However by Sunday night he still had had no reaction, no discoloration, nothing. Then on Sunday he got into a package of cookies containing wheat and soy. Again I didn't worry about it, but was watchful. Monday he got into the package of cookies and finished off the last 2 or 3 and again I just watched him. Absolutely nothing! No reaction still! Praise God!

So I just wanted to share that with you and tell you thank you so much for being obedient to God. Also for being open to share your anointing with others. I don't know if he's completely healed, but I do know that if he wasn't touched by God at all his body would have been in turmoil that weekend. Thank you again.


Pastor Ruben Raised From the Dead by Jesus! – 5/22/09
Tony Penson

[While in Goma on a mission with a team from Harvest Church [in Kitimat, B.C.], Tony was rooming in the Ihusi Hotel with Pastor Ruben Balolebwami from Butembo, DRC.   Steve was part of the evangelism team and was staying in a room two doors down the hallway from Tony's room. Here is Tony's testimony of how the Lord raised Pastor Ruben from the dead in the early morning of May 10, 2009. [update: You can download the mp3 recording of the testimony about Ruben's raising, given when Steve was interviewed on the Flame of Fire broadcast by Mike Wills on WTMR radio on June 25:  Download Interview]

The details leading up to Pastor Ruben being raised from the dead:
Pastor Ruben shared that back in 2000 a Senior Pastor in a Church that he was attending was sleeping with a number of the women in the Church.Pastor Ruben found this out because the women came and complained to him that this was happening.So Pastor Ruben went and talked to the Senior Pastor as a brother.When the Senior Pastor was confronted with his sin,he told Pastor Ruben that he wanted him dead.So Pastor Ruben went to the elders of the Church and explained the situation,the elders checked out the situation and the Senior Pastor was put out of the Church.The same day Pastor Ruben became sick,and also he became afraid of the dark and ground his teeth and talked in his sleep.Witch doctors had cursed him........I was sharing a room with Pastor Ruben at the Ihusi Hotel,Goma,D.R.Congo,as he was working with our team in Goma.  At 3 am Sunday morning, May 10th,2009, I was woken up by the Holy Spirit.  I looked over at Pastor Ruben who was on the bed by the window. He was lying on his back, with his arms crossed in the air, stiff and he was not breathing.  I got out of my bed and went over to check on him.  He did not respond.  So I rolled him over on his left side, he was not breathing, all his muscles and limbs were stiff, and his skin was cool to touch.  So I put my left hand on his head and my right hand on his chest,and bound the enemy and started praying and declaring the things the Holy Spirit was giving me to pray in the name of JESUS.  About 5 mins went by and suddenly Pastor Ruben sucked in air and started breathing.  I worked in the Prince George Regional Hospital for almost 20 years,and I noticed Pastor Ruben had the death rattle to his breathing as his lungs were full of fluid.

So I continued to pray and Pastor Ruben coughed out the fluid and some blood on both sides of the bed, and in the bed.  Then his breathing became normal and I returned to my bed and continued to pray for him.  About 1/2 hour later he opened his eyes.  I asked him how he was; he did not respond.  So I got out of bed and was on my way over to him.  When the demon who was tormenting him saw me it screamed in terror, eyes wide open.  Pastor Ruben's body fell of the bed on the other side, and climbed back on the bed with eyes closed.  So I continued to pray.  About 1/2 hour later Pastor Ruben woke up and I talked with him for a short while; he was ok.So I went back to sleep.  In the morning I woke up and Pastor Ruben tried to get out of bed and he was weak and struggling to walk.  He called his intercessors and his wife on his cell phone to pray.  And he asked me to get Pastor Steve Trullinger to come and pray for him.  So I went and found Pastor Steve and explained the situation.  Pastor Steve Trullinger came and laid his hands on Pastor Ruben and we both prayed for Pastor Ruben.  Pastor Steve bound the enemy and delivered Pastor Ruben from what was tormenting him, and suddenly Pastor Ruben's head shook for a moment.  Then Pastor Steve prayed for Pastor Ruben's lungs, and they were totally healed, and he breathed deeply to check.  Then we prayed for Pastor Ruben's muscles and the rest of his body, and he was totally healed from the damage caused to his body from dying.We asked him to move his limbs, and he walked.  Pastor Ruben said there was no pain, or weakness, and he was totally healed.  THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

- Tony Penson
Kitimat, B.C.

To download a pdf file containing a picture of Pastor Reuben, Tony's testimony, and Steve's testimony and reflections on this amazing miracle, visit this URL:
More testimony details

Congolese Congregation Activated! – 5/12/09
[People in this church in Goma did not know who they were or what God is able to do through them in order to be a blessing to people around them.]
After a Very Warm service held by Pastor Steve Trullinger in our church in DR CONGO/ GOMA,a servant of the Lord as he use to call himself. Our Christian members changed their mindset and started to believe for greatest things that God can do through them. Some of them came to me as senior Pastor to tell me they are going to start hospital visit ministries, prison ministries and starting cell groups prayers.... SIMBI B. THIERRY Senior Pastor
“Don’t Call Me Mara; Call Me Naomi!” – 2/26/09
Hi everyone! I know that some people are still curious about my name change and have not yet heard the whole story. I thought I would put it here for you all to see. It occurred during Easter break of 2006. I spent that Easter break with a group of friends from GCC [Grove City College]; we traveled to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO to spend the week praying and drawing closer to God. We spent our days at IHOP (International House of Prayer- not pancakes :-) and our evenings with the wonderful couple we were staying with. Every night at their house we would worship God and pray specifically for some of the people in our group. God did amazing things in all of us while we there. Even a couple months before the trip, though, I had already prayed for God to give me a new name. I had been through some traumatizing experiences, and after a period of time during which God did some amazing healing in me, the name Mara had really started to bother me. It had never bothered me before- I had always loved having a unique name. But Mara means bitter; I had known that most of my life. After my experiences, though, it began to really mean "bitter" to me every time I heard it, and I thought, "I am not bitter anymore." I did not like being called something I was not, and when I heard Mara I was only reminded of what I once was and what I had once experienced. That bitter part of my life was over, and I disliked being called Mara so much that I asked God to give me a new name. I had no clue how or if He would, but I told Him that I would not pick out a new name for myself or let anyone else. I wanted Him to name me, and if He did not do it, no one else would...I would just have to live with the name Mara for the rest of my life. Thank God that He heard me! One evening during the trip, everyone prayed and waited on God for me. After a time of waiting and listening to Holy Spirit, a friend of mine read part of Isaiah 62 to me: "you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow. You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah [my delight is in her], and your land Beulah [married]; for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married...They will be called the Holy People, the Redeemed of the LORD; and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted." Then a minister who I had just met on that trip told me that God was changing my name. He took me to the book of Ruth where Naomi, who had lost everything and everyone dear to her except Ruth, said, "Do not call me Naomi. Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter." Then he told me that I was to say "Do not call me Mara. Call me Naomi." Naomi is the complete opposite of Mara- it means "pleasant/delightful". Amazing! I had not told anyone that I had asked God to give me a new name, and here He was using a minister I had not even met before that trip to tell me that He was giving me the name Naomi! I was and still am absolutely blown away by His love and care and just how real and involved He really is. Wow- that He would really answer me and name me Himself! I probably should not have been so overwhelmed as I was- He did, after all, die for my sins and a made a way for me to be with Him forever. There is no greater expression of love than that, but such a personal answer to my personal request absolutely flooded me with an awareness of His love and presence. The name Naomi is such a precious gift to me, and in it is also a promise/reminder to me of what God has for me and who He has made me to be.
“PAID IN FULL!!” – 1/29/09
During a recent home ministry meeting on a Monday night, Steve prayed for a woman who received a powerful Father's touch of freedom from fear. Near the end of the session, he was given a prophetic vision of encouragement revealing God's intent to do something about her mounting bills. He saw her bills all being stamped, one after the other, with the words, "PAID IN FULL!" [We learned that, to make her situation worse, her car would not start after the meeting, and needed to be towed to a shop, adding yet another bill!] But God ......   Here is her testimony: "Steve, our bills were "PAID IN FULL" by Friday. My Mother-in-law stopped by the day after our meeting and offered us a check to help us get our broken down vehicles fixed and help with other bills that we had. On top of that my Mother also gave us a couple thousand to help us get caught up and put money in savings to help us get on top of our finances. So GOD does answer prayer, and so quickly. I never imagined he would do that so fast. I think since I finally gave up and let God take away everything, I was at his mercy, and he blessed us. Since that evening I have shared that experience with my small group at church and it blessed them and another women with her lack of faith. YAY GOD!!! I also shared in that small group to a non-believer who has just started attending our church. He looked very shocked. :) God has been working in and through me like I have always wanted. I believe that Monday night was my Divine appointment with God. Thank you for your prayers again and just opening up my heart to accept and listen to God for probably the first time in my entire 29 years. Praise God!" Heather
Seattle Surprise! – Homeless man’s leg healed! – 1/20/08
[A homeless man in Seattle, WA, was quite surprised by the healing of his leg as compassionate women of God prayed for him!]
Dear "The Father's Touch Ministries", I wanted to share with you what a miracle that God did today. My name is Mary Nygard. I am from Living Hope Church in Lynnwood, Wa. I met Steve Trullinger at a home meeting with my friend Mary Greig. At that meeting, Steve was talking about sharing testimonies. We/I have a testimony to share from what happened today.   Today, some people from our church and myself, went down to the streets of Seattle to minister to the homeless. I made a big pot of beef barley soup and we brought hot dogs and lunch bags full of peanut butter crackers and a banana and juice and my friend Mary's personal testimony. We also had over 50 blankets and a few coats and sweaters to give out. As we were talking to people and passing out food and blankets, a man by the name of JP stood in front of us and told us that he had a problem with the ligaments in his right leg and was having a hard time walking because it was so painful. We asked if we could pray for him and he said yes. We prayed for him and then I asked him how his leg was.   He said that it still hurt. We prayed again. This time, my friend Mary put her hand on the back of his calf and I put my hand on the front of his leg. I began to pray and to command those ligaments in his leg to line up with the Word of God and then I spoke healing into his leg and whole body.   As we were praying, JP said, "I'm scared now!" I asked why him why he was scared and he said that it was trippy and that his leg didn't hurt and he could move it with no pain! When I talked to Mary afterward, she told me that when we were praying, she began to feel the ligaments in the back of his leg move around and that is when he said that he was scared. We asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart but he was too scared and not ready yet. God healed him! We are all believing that JP will be saved! I think the reason why he was scared is because he felt the anointing power of the Holy Spirit and he never felt that before and so didn't understand what it was.   We are planning many more outings to help the homeless. They were so blessed! We just want to lift up the name of Jesus! We want to thank our God for healing this man's leg and thank Him that He is going to finish the good work that He has begun in JP by drawing him into a saving relationship with Christ. Just wanted to share the good news. Also we prayed for JP's friend Michael Jones who wasn't there but JP told us that he had an infection in his bones to where the bones were showing and rotting through the skin.   We prayed for Michael and Mary gave JP our church phone number so that he could call us to give us the good report about his friend being healed. We are expecting a good report very soon! May God bless you! Blessings, Mary
Coma Recovery Confounds Doctors – 1/4/08
[Greg was hit by a truck 14 months ago and has been in a coma since then. Doctors said he would die, but prayer is giving him victory!]
January 4, 2008 Hello Friends, It is 14 months after Greg's accident, and I want to share some exciting news: God is good, all the time!!! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much! Greg moved this week! Greg's wife, Lori, has been blessing Greg's body as she helps Greg do his range of motion exercises daily. Greg has not had a Hypothalamus storm (like a seizure) since April. We were told by doctors these storms would get worse until Greg died. We kept breaking off the word curses, blessing every part of Greg, telling the lobes of his new brain to integrate and work together, and calling forth life in Greg. After prayer regarding many infections, Greg has been infection-free for over 3 months. We have continued to pray. Lori also changed to a new doctor. The doctor and nurses are noticing positive changes and saying, "Whatever you are doing, keep it up!" We had several people staying with us at our home for One Thing Conference, The Call, and had a few evening meetings at our home too. We took a small team: a friend, Steve Trullinger, of Father's Touch Ministries in California www.fatherstouch.org, and 3 young men from Iowa, and I met Lori and Keri, Greg's wife and daughter, at the nursing home on Jan. 2 to pray for Greg. After calling Greg's spirit man to attention and all of us praying for him, Greg still appeared to be sleeping, (eyes closed, breathing rhythmically, etc). I kept hearing Holy Spirit tell me to talk to Greg, so I moved back over there, got right down in Greg's face and quietly told him, "Greg, I know this is hard, but can you move something to show us you are hearing us, to communicate back to us?" . . . So, after a wait of about 2 minutes, Greg moved several parts of his body to try to communicate back to us: his left fingers squeezing our fingers, his left pointer finger moving slowly and deliberately up and down, his right shoulder moving up and forward, his right thigh muscles tensed, his right knee went up and down, and he pushed down on my hand with his right big toe! This continued for about 10 minutes. Greg is trying to respond and communicate!   Seven people saw it. Lori cried and cried as God's presence overwhelmed her.   Greg has scared some nurses recently by answering one of their many questions: "Yeah." We encouraged Greg to do that some more.   Hee, Hee! While we were praying for Greg, Steve Trullinger had visions of Greg with Jesus at his favorite beach in Florida, running through waves, and then later on a deep sea fishing boat, catching a big fish. Now when Lori is with Greg, she is seeing Greg in places they have been where Greg enjoys himself. We are continuing to pray for the completion of Greg's healing here! Will you join us? It is happening! Hallelujah!   Thank you Jesus!!! Debby S. Kansas City
Heart, Sole, and More! – 10/31/07
[The Father profoundly touched this young woman during an evening home ministry meeting in the Pacific Northwest. Here are excerpts from her testimony.]
Wow, where do I start? So many blessings came my way that night. I was healed, and blessed both spiritually and physically that night. My Abba father made a promise to me that night, really a declaration that he has been following through with ever since I left there. I have never had a covering of protection and love in the natural, before that evening. I know that God has always protected me, and loved me, but a spiritual transaction took place that night that caused a physical manifestation of His protection.   God has taught me how to take authority over the enemy to stop the incessant attacks in my life. But after that night I haven't even had to take authority once or even stand firm, because ever since that night the face of Jesus spoken of in Revelation 19:12 has been ever before me(I call him my fierce Jesus). As for the things prophesied over me, what I can remember was 100% spot on. Everything that she [the woman minister] said was what the Lord has said to me, either in intimate conversations with him, or through the mouths of others. Even down to the secret conversations of inquiry from my heart to the Lord I was blessed. I believe that evening He began to transition me into a new stage. I have been completely and utterly wrapped up in his love, like a cozy blanket. It is the most amazing thing. Because of his covering me, I have been able to be still and know that he is God to a depth I have never before seen or felt. For the first time in my life I stand confidently as His beloved, not questioning who I am but being able to rest in His love for me. The last thing that has happened since that night is pure physical. God healed my foot from planters phaciytis. It has been the most excruciating pain that I have ever had to deal with. At one point I thought I had broken my foot because the pain was so great. I have had it for over a year and a half. And my foot had kind of become deformed a little in the ankle because of the twisting my foot was doing to try and avoid the pain. My foot would randomly swell up like a sausage, and now that is gone too. The other thing the Lord healed was my right side of my neck. I was in an accident in 2003 which gave me whiplash on the right side of my neck. It never healed, and my muscles trying to hold them in place were like rocks; as of that evening the muscles have been normal as if I had never had an accident.     I had headaches almost every day and they are also gone. I couldn't move my head without pain. And now I can. Bless you both [the team], I have been ever blessed by the both of you. He has used you to lavish His love on me, and I will be forever grateful. Thank you. A.
Activating the Anointing! – 7/24/07
[At a home ministry meeting of college students, the Lord activated his healing anointing through the hands of a surprised and blessed young woman seeking the reality of God's power & promise to heal. The young man healed through Ashley's prayer has been on fire ever since, preaching and healing during a mission to Uganda, and now ministering in his community with fellow students from Oral Roberts University.]
During our Easter break of 2006, I traveled with Elana, Caleb, and a group of about 10 more students to Kansas City to spend a week at the International House of Prayer. Some of the students had gone to OneThing the previous December, and they stayed in the home of a generous couple, Bob and Debby S. I thought it was kind that they had opened up their home again to us, but I did not expect them to minister to us as they did! Not only were they extraordinarily hospitable, they also would have daily meetings with us, during which they would let the Holy Spirit lead them in what to teach us. Watching them let the Holy Spirit lead was a lesson in itself. They told us testimonies of their trips to Africa; they prophesied over all of us and taught us to do the same; they even invited friends from different parts of the country to come and minister to us! One in particular, Steve Trullinger, taught us about God’s ability to heal supernaturally. While Steve was ministering to us, he sensed that God wanted him to impart healing anointing to us… and he sensed God calling me to this anointing in particular! This was an incredibly exciting time for me! He prayed over me and asked me to hold out my hands, and as I did I felt a burning sensation and a weight in my hands that nearly made me fall to the ground (others held me up). Afterwards, Bob asked if anyone else had seen the angel in the room! This was an amazing, anointed time. Steve then had me activate this anointing, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. One of the students in the room had been experiencing severe knee pain and had not been able to run or lift weights. So I simply asked God what to do and followed His lead. I prayed over the young man, using the authority I knew I had in Christ, and proclaimed that the knees were healed. He then jumped straight up in the air, began laughing, and ran around the house shouting praises to God! Wow.