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Uth 4 Uganda

In Africa, school is not free like public school in America. Many African young people live in severe poverty, without resource for daily meals, much less any opportunity for getting an education. Due to some of these children being from war-torn areas, many young people became orphans at a young age who now look at their future without much support and vast unknown factors. When you give or partner with “Uth 4 Uganda,” you give a young person the gift of learning. This will enable them to walk through more doors of opportunity and begin to create a better future for themselves.

Currently, the excellent secondary boarding Christian school that these youth attend, is geographically close to Father's Touch Ministries Associate Minister, "Auntie Jessica" Nakibuule. Living close by she has been helping these exceptional students for 7 years. The school costs include room and board which allows each student to have regular meals, shelter, a sense of safety and community.

It is our heart at Uth for Uganda to see different generations and cultures come together for one purpose, and for all involved to be forever positively impacted by that partnership. Come and see how you can be a part of someone's future heal, learn, grow, and dream once again.

Our mission at Uth 4 Uganda is to invest into the youth and orphans of Uganda to become tomorrow’s leaders through commitment to quality education and a sense belonging within a healthy community as they experience Christ’s love.
Our ultimate desire is to see every child, orphan, and youth in Uganda get the education and loving community they need to become great adults with a sense of identity, purpose, skills and vision for their life.
One-Time Gifts
One Time Gift of your choice. This can go towards any child you choose or into a general U4U fund and will be dispensed according to need.
Partial Sponsorships

Partial sponsorship at a cost of $30 or $60 per month. This contributes towards the youth’s food, lodging, and clothing.

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Full Sponsorships

Full Sponsorship costs are approximately $150/mo, but tend to vary with each student grade level and course curriculum, and with local costs of supplies, including food, housing, clothing, medical care, etc., in addition to variations in the exchange rate of USA and Ugandan currencies.  For this reason, we can communicate the need for each student more accurately by listing on their individual pages the amount still needed per month to fully support them.  Look for these “Amount still needed” post-its on each student’s page; they will be updated as changes occur.

Give Today!

Give a one-time donation to U4U.

Give a one-time donation to U4U.

Sponsor one of U4U youth.


We are looking to raise their full tuition of
$600 per student for their next term.

You can support them in monthly installments or a one-time donation.
Thank you for your generous investment into the next generation of leaders in Uganda!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of the sponsorship money goes to administration?
Absolutely NONE. Uth 4 Uganda administrative costs for the youth sponsorship program are covered by general donations to The Father's Touch Ministries (a portion of which are used for administration).
Does each child have only one sponsor?
Our goal is to have each student fully sponsored, so depending on the sponsorship amounts, a child may have more than one to reach amount necessary.
Does the child personally receive the sponsorship money?
No. The funds go to the school to directly pay for their tuition, school supplies, room and board.
I know someone who has an orphanage in another country. Can I sponsor one of their children through U4U?
No, unfortunately we cannot facilitate this. We are required to have strict reporting and accounting demands that must be met.
Why does U4U sponsorship program cost more than some of the other sponsorship programs?
The majority of children in the U4U sponsorship program are orphans, or once lived with family or extended family members who were unable to financially provide for the child’s needs. The school provides education as well as residential care and is more expensive as they include care-givers, cooks, and other staff on campus; all must be maintained. But the ability to live at school, ensures a greater level of education for each student due to safety, daily meals, and a sense of community. When the basics of life are taken care of they learn better!
Will I receive a tax receipt?
Yes, U4U's parent ministry, The Father's Touch Ministries, is a 501 (c)(3) religious organization in the USA. You will receive a receipt letter within a few weeks of your donation and you should keep this letter with your tax records. End-of-year receipts are not generally issued by our office, but your most recent receipt letter will have your Year-To-Date giving total.
Can I correspond with my child?
We facilitate communication for those sponsors that wish to correspond with their sponsored child. Our Director of Outreach Ministries is responsible for making sure that all students with sponsors are able to send and receive (SAFE!) messages through our office. Some older students have their own Facebook pages and often use them to correspond with their sponsors directly, once our Director has determined it is appropriate to reveal the identity of sponsors to their sponsored youth. Most of our current students are old enough to make their own decisions (18+) and we try to honor their exercise of wisdom in internet correspondence, with advice from our Director if necessary.
What is a Uth 4 Uganda Sponsorship?
U4U sponsorship is a program enabling individuals to financially support a child or youth "at risk" to go to school (education, meals, lodging) in on a one time, monthly basis, or a yearly basis.
How much does it cost?
Uth 4 Uganda has different ways to help:
  1. Partial sponsorship at increments of $30.00 per month. This contributes towards the youth’s food, lodging, and clothing.
  2. Full Sponsorship at $150.00 per month, which takes care of the youth’s food, housing, clothing, and schooling.
  3. One Time Gift of your choice. This can go toward any child you choose or into a general U4U fund that will be allocated according to need.
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