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More “Contagious” Healing! – July 14, 2017

By October 13, 2018

Thank you, Steve, for being the godly man that you are. Your ministry has touched SO MANY lives, including my own.

I may not have told you this story.

I was in your class on healing, in Salinas, several years ago.
After many lessons and stories , and opportunities to practice healing, you had a session in which you called up a woman who had never healed anyone before. She followed your direction, and commanded healing for a woman with arthritis in her hands.
The woman was INSTANTLY healed!.

After this, you had us separate into pairs to command healing.

I went straight for the woman who had just been healed of arthritis in her hands, mainly because I had arthritis in MY hands.
She commanded healing. I didn’t feel anything, but believed in God’s goodness and in His desire to heal me.

As I drove home that night, I was suddenly aware of God’s presence with me in the car. My hands were completely healed!
Thank you so much, Steve, for your passionate faithfulness to God’s amazing call on your life. I am forever grateful.