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One Less Pain in the Neck!

By October 13, 2018

A wonderful missionary sent me (Steve) this urgent message recently:

“Can you please say a prayer for my healing….please?!!! I have a herniated C 5-6 and have been dealing with pain both in my neck and down my right shoulder all the way down to my thumb and forefinger. Thank you!!!!!!”

So, I prayed for her on the phone. Here is her testimony I just received this morning:


“Just so you know God used your prayer and through a message to me while you were praying to heal me Steve. I have NO pain at all. I am completely healed by a miraculous divine healing that Jesus paid for. You can use my testimony for others who don’t have faith for their own healing!!! And here I am a missionary who has prayed for many and seen so many healings. The message of this healing is this to me:

Someone is going to pay for my healing. Me through a doctor which is fine.


Jesus who has already paid but for a divine healing

My choice.”

From S.R.  (July 14, 2016)