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There is Always Enough!

By October 13, 2018

Here is a testimony from team member Michelle Smith, from our mission to Uganda in August 2016:

“‘Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!’  Psalm 66:5

I love sharing about the cool things God does, here’s a story from Gulu, Uganda 2016:

Our team was invited by the chief of a village to go feed, pray for, & play with orphans for the day. A few days before, the chief got drunk & decided to try to cancel us coming. Our team & supporters had donated a cow🐄 to their poor village to bless them, since they couldn’t afford it. We prayed for the chief’s heart to soften & we chose in faith to come anyways & the chief had a change of heart once he found out about the cow & saw the kids so joyful & fed. He was so touched that after we left he asked to come to the village church that Sunday & gave his life to Christ! The Lord had softened his heart of stone.

We had so many mouths to feed & as the line of hungry kids continued, I saw our rice & beans running low. I asked my team mate Laurie Nickisch to scoop smaller rations for them so that we had enough, but she was exercising greater faith than me at the moment & kept giving them regular portions. I was thinking in the natural & she was thinking supernatural. I got a little frustrated & admit that instead of believing the Lord could multiply it, I still wanted to give smaller scoops. Laurie was very gracious with me.

Right when our bowls were about to scrap the bottom of the big empty rice & bean bowls, the rice & beans kept multiplying!!!! It kept filling up!!! We NEVER ran out! Every single child & hungry mouth in that village was fed! I saw it with my very own eyes & I have 20/20 vision😂 I had to apologize to Laurie after for lacking faith & getting frustrated. Humbling!

Even after seeing the Lord heal the blind, deaf & paralyzed, I still doubted that moment that He could multiply our food. I can be pretty stubborn sometimes. I’m thankful for friends like Laurie & Steve Trullinger who have challenged my faith & helped me grow. Look at the joy in these faces! They know who their Father is!! Nothing is impossible with God!”


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