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Two Paralyzed people walk – 7/5/07

By October 13, 2018
[In the Hospital called St. Mary’s Hospital, two women who were paralyzed were admitted.  They wanted to see light outside and walk around in the hospital.]    (Submitted by Jessica Nakibuule from Kampala, Uganda)


First these women dint know Christ, asked them if they wanted and they said yes, they accepted Jesus.Prayed for them, one by one, and asked one of them to walk, she walked and went out and dint want to come back in the hospital.

Prayed for another one who was so weak she said since she was admitted in the hospital she has never sat up.  After confessing Jesus, I told her be strengthened, in Jesus name, and asked to sit.  She did, and after that I asked her to stand and she did, and she also went outside and didn’t want to come back in hospital. Praise God.