Boost Your Belief: VOLUME 1

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There are 5 messages in this package! 

All Things! As one of the speakers invited to stir revival in the “33 Days of Glory” series hosted by Harvest Rock Church in the summer of 2008, Steve delivered this powerful message based on Mk 9:23. Be encouraged by the testimonies of amazing touches from the Father and be activated along with the audience as you listen to miracles happening during this service, even as people simply waved their handkerchiefs at the sick!

Make It Harder For God To Surprise You! Part 1 & Part 2 – In this updated 2-CD version of his popular message, delivered in the Harvest Rock Church Glory Evening series, Steve shares his personal goal of making it harder for God to surprise him! His passion for building belief is infectious as Steve shares many examples from his ministry in North America and Africa, and you’ll hear believers from the audience exert dominion over pain with first-time success!

Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone! Part 1 & Part 2 – This updated 2-CD version of Steve’s popular message was delivered in the Glory Evening series at Harvest Rock Church. Steve believes that it is impossible to live a life of adventure inside of your “comfort zone.” Jesus wants us to have an abundant life, and we can experience much more if we take risks and believe his promise that “all things are possible for him who believes.” [Mk 9:23] Listen to Steve’s encouragements from his own walk “outside his comfort zone” and be encouraged to say “Goodbye!” to yours!

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