Boost Your Belief – VOLUME 3

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There are 6 messages in this series!

Expecting The Outrageous! Part 1 & Part 2 – God delights in his role as our Father when we expect “outrageous” miracles, signs, and wonders to occur as we believe him more! Steve highlights a few encouraging examples during this home meeting in Ballard, WA, including some amazing “handkerchief” healings during his ministry in Africa and North America. Listen in to these inspiring testimonies and expect outrageous miracles in your own life and ministry!

The Supernatural Power of Synergy! – Steve inaugurates a series of Revival Meetings in Torrance, CA, with this message on the necessity of recognizing the power of loving one another. The amazing synergy that results from the sheer combinatorial number of ways this love can manifest is demonstrated with even a small band of saints, as “living water” gushes in streams from their hearts and saturates the meeting. Be encouraged as you realize what a huge difference you can make by loving others!

Who, Me? Part 1 & Part 2 – During this IDK Revival Meeting in Torrance, CA, Steve operates in the gift of exhortation to spur the congregation to embrace the call of God into the ministry prepared for them. Amazing testimonies from the Father’s Touch healing ministry will encourage you to believe that you can do way more than you currently think! If you are tempted to doubt God by asking, “Who, Me?”, listen to the miracles worked by volunteers from the congregation and believe that God’s answer is “Yes, You!”

Your Strong Supporter! – Steve operates in his primary gifting of encouragement as he shares some key aspects of God’s amazing, intentional, eternal love during this home meeting in Edmonds, WA. From the necessity of eternity to the infinity of opportunities it provides, as well as the intention of God to strongly support us more than we can imagine, Steve shares some provocative insights that are encouragements to all saints. Listen in to this divinely orchestrated evening that left each person more in awe of God!


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