Contagious Healing! – “Pay It Forward!”

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I was visiting Salinas for 4 days & was invited to come pray for college group at First Presbyterian Church in Salinas & to come support Pastor Steve Trullinger. After worship & reading through Acts 5:12-16 on Peter walking past the sick in the street & his shadow falling on them, healing them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Steve asked the audience if anyone had back pain & called us to come up to the front. After suffering from 15 years of chronic back pain, I got up out of my seat & came forward in faith.

He asked for a Christian volunteer in the audience & a 19yr old young man named Robert came up. He was instructed to not pray for us but just look straight ahead & walk past the 4 of us who were standing up in front. Robert walked past us & 2 girls were healed of their back pain instantly & sat down in their seats. Robert walked by again & someone else was healed & sat down. I had felt tingling in my arms but I still had pain/discomfort. Robert walked by a few more times & I began to feel the tension & pressure lift. One more time, Robert walked by me & Pastor Steve walked by me also, opposite directions. I felt the pain disappear & felt light.

After service ended, I felt some stiffness in my neck & shoulders & asked for Pastor Steve & my friend Juaquin to lay hands on my shoulders/neck & pray in Jesus name to heal it & realign my back. They prayed over me & I almost fell backwards, Juaquin had to stand behind me. I felt light as a feather & 100% healed!! Thank you Jesus!! For the 1st time in 15 years I have no more discomfort or pain!

Two days later, I met a sister in Christ for lunch whom I haven’t seen in a long time. After sharing about how the Lord healed my chronic back pain on Sunday night, she shared that she also has suffered for several years due to back pain after a bad car accident. After lunch, we walked back to our cars in the parking lot & she stood still as I walked past her several times. Each time I’d ask her how her back felt, & each time she would feel more loose & less pain. After several times, she felt heat in the middle of her back–which was where her worst pain was– and now the pain was completely gone & she felt tingling in her arms, like I did. She felt stiffness in her shoulders & I laid hands on her & prayed for her. God took the stiffness/tension away immediately! She felt light as a feather. Both of our faith increased. Thank you Lord!!!

Michelle S.
Orange County, CA