Freedom is For You! – FULL MP3 SET

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This set of powerful teachings go in-depth into the freedom that is available to you through the heart of Father God.  This set contains a total of 29 powerful teachings!

Volume 1

  • True Freedom! – As sons of God, our freedom is not an option; it is a command! Steve shares perspectives on positional and practical freedom and describes seven tools for receiving the freedom purchased by Christ.
  • Terminating the Taunts of Goliath! – Each of us has to face “Goliaths” in our lives that intimidate us into thinking that we have no hope of victory. Steve draws lessons from David’s victory over Goliath that help us get free from the taunts of present-day “giants.”
  • Triumph Over Terror! – Extreme fear is properly the bane of our enemies, not us! Using illustrations from the Word of God, Steve shows that God strikes terror in the hearts of our enemies, but that we are not to tolerate terror in ours! Seven keys for triumph are followed by a compelling modern-day testimony.
  • Do I Need Deliverance? (Part 1 & Part 2) – Steve de-mystifies the often misunderstood and avoided area of demonic hindrance and torment. By bringing biblical balance and sharing insights from the experience of his team, he encourages cooperation with the four basic ways that the Holy Spirit brings freedom from such influence.
  • Shedding Shackles! – The Bible commands us to throw off every hindrance to walk with Jesus. Steve discusses several sources of “shackles,” and how the born-again believer can shed them once and for all!
  • Unmasking Unbelief! (Part 1 & Part 2) – Steve gives an explanation of the difference between doubt and unbelief, and how faith is the “vehicle” that takes us from unbelief or doubt to a place of belief. Truth revealed by the Holy Spirit allows us to remove the masks behind which unbelief may remain hidden, and to please God by believing what He says!

Volume 2

  • Freedom From the Past and the Future! – Be encouraged as you listen to the gift of Word of Knowledge in operation at the beginning of this message and then receive hope for your freedom from unholy ties to the past and even to the future. Steve describes several keys to freedom in our thought lives and helps put an end to the cry of “If only …”
  • Freedom From Freemasonry! (Part 1 & Part 2) – Steve gives an introduction to this insidious form of idolatry that for centuries has been capturing well-meaning men in a web of ever- increasing deception, with disastrous consequences for many families who desperately need freedom. The testimonies of transformed lives of those set free from this dark influence will encourage you to rid your own life of the iniquities of your forefathers, and to walk in the freedom that is your birth-right as a son of God!
  • The Morning After … – Sometimes there seems to be a disappointing recurrence of symptoms of illness or infirmity after the blessing of a glorious healing! Steve tackles this tough issue and encourages us from God’s Word and through the testimonies of those who walk in victory as they maintain their healing!
  • Receive and You Shall Ask! – God’s Word exhorts us to “ask and receive,” yet many of us feel unworthy of precisely what we need to ask for. Steve addresses some subtle forms of unworthiness that lurk behind poverties of various kinds, and encourages all of us to break free of all such hindrances. Then we can receive and ask for more!

Volume 3

  • Freedom To Obey! – When we receive our freedom from slavery to sin, through our adoption purchased by the blood of the Lamb, we no longer are controlled by rebellion (witchcraft!). Our freedom to obey the Lord in all things leads to more of the joy of the Lord, which in turn brings strength, and that in turn enables us to obey more freely, and so on. Steve shares keys from Scripture that help us stay in this “good rut!”
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness! (Part 1 & Part 2) – One of the most common issues found in healing ministry is unforgiveness and its relatives: bitterness and resentment. Because these attitudes of the heart are sometimes ‘buried” deeply, Steve underscores the importance of recognizing clues to these insidious strongholds and achieving lasting victory over them! Physical healing often follows quickly after acknowledgment, confession, repentance, and forgiveness from the heart.
  • Ambush Your Anger! – Too often, believers try to deal with anger after it flares up and destroys relationships, objects, and their loved ones. After pointing out that godly anger is pleasing to the Father, Steve outlines biblical solutions to getting free from unholy anger before it can gain control, and some keys to gaining an unoffendable heart as we grow in Christlikeness.
  • A Cake of Peace! – Steve gives a “recipe” for peace that combines ingredients such as knowing that God wants you to have peace, believing that you can have it, and trusting God to answer prayer. God’s Word contains an old-testament example of the “peace that surpasses all understanding” promised by Paul in Phil 4:7; you may be surprised by the lesson it contains!

Volume 4

  • Healing Happens! – God heals in so many ways, that we are unable to predict how it will happen, how often, to how many people, or in what places! Using biblical and current examples, Steve shows how healing happens in spite of our limitations and lack of understanding, and that our Father wants us to learn in the process. It’s our inheritance!
  • The Proverbs 31 Man! – The qualities that the Proverbs-31 woman exemplifies can be nurtured and encouraged by the men (husband, father, brothers) in her life as they endeavor to provide the kind of environment in which she can flourish. If you are a married man, you can trade in your wife for a Proverb-31 woman if you follow the biblical lessons and keys described by Steve in this powerful call to true manhood! Single men heading for marriage are challenged to treat well the women in their lives.
  • God Wants to Heal – A Lesson From Africa! – Having just returned from an incredible tour of East Africa in which he witnessed three entire villages healed by the compassionate touch of the Father, Steve shares his rock-solid conviction that God wants to heal! The testimony fashioned by powerful moves of God will amaze and encourage you to believe that “all things are possible for him who believes!” The lessons learned from African ministry will help bring heavenly perspective to your view of your destiny as a son of God!
  • Receiving Unconditionally! – Most believers have the goal of learning to give (and love!) unconditionally, but often are hindered because of an inability to receive unconditionally! Steve shares how subtle forms of pride can get in the way of receiving without strings, and that incredible joy awaits those who can receive. After all, you are the “apple of His eye” and He desires you to freely receive all He wants to give!

Volume 5

  • Breaking Unholy Ties! (Part 1 & Part 2 & Freedom Prayer) – During countless freedom sessions with visitors to The Father’s Touch Ministries healing meetings, relational breakthroughs finally occur when unholy “soul” ties with people from the past, or even emotional ties to future or ideal images, are broken and hearts are made free to fully love others in a healthy manner. Listen to this powerful message of freedom as Steve shares several keys to identifying and dealing with unholy ties. Join with the many saints who have severed the “knots” holding them back!
  • Jump For Joy! – In this nugget-rich message delivered in the Hrock Vertical series at HRock (formerly Harvest Rock) Church in Jan 2011, Steve helps explain the difference between happiness and joy. After reviewing key biblical principles for growing in true joy, he helps guide the listener along an ancient pathway to joy that begins with the obedience fostered by the love of Christ. Let Steve’s encouragement spur you to “jump” out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of everlasting joy in Jesus!
  • Living With Your Best Friend! (Part 1 & Part 2) – This encouraging 2-CD message was delivered in the Hrock Vertical series at HRock (formerly Harvest Rock) Church in Oct 2010. Steve leads the audience in a delightful exploration of the heart of Jesus in his role as our “best friend,” and helps bring understanding of Jesus’ passionate desire to live with his best friend: you! Be strongly encouraged as you listen to a sampling of friendship adventures experienced by Steve and his Best Friend!
  • God Thinks You Are Really Cool! – In this uplifting message delivered in Oct 2012, Steve highlights key scriptures that reveal glimpses of how important we are to God. In the Father’s view, all of creation became very good when you “came upon the scene” in Adam, and you cause Him to rejoice ecstatically! God was “compelled” to create eternity because of His love for you, and He demonstrated His love during the ministry time by healing many with specific conditions during the operation of the gift of words of knowledge! God thinks you are really cool!