Freedom is For You! – VOLUME 1

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This set of powerful teachings go in-depth into the freedom that is available to you through the heart of Father God.  This set contains a total of 8 powerful teachings!

Volume 1

  • True Freedom! – As sons of God, our freedom is not an option; it is a command! Steve shares perspectives on positional and practical freedom and describes seven tools for receiving the freedom purchased by Christ.
  • Terminating the Taunts of Goliath! – Each of us has to face “Goliaths” in our lives that intimidate us into thinking that we have no hope of victory. Steve draws lessons from David’s victory over Goliath that help us get free from the taunts of present-day “giants.”
  • Triumph Over Terror! – Extreme fear is properly the bane of our enemies, not us! Using illustrations from the Word of God, Steve shows that God strikes terror in the hearts of our enemies, but that we are not to tolerate terror in ours! Seven keys for triumph are followed by a compelling modern-day testimony.
  • Do I Need Deliverance? (Part 1 & Part 2) – Steve de-mystifies the often misunderstood and avoided area of demonic hindrance and torment. By bringing biblical balance and sharing insights from the experience of his team, he encourages cooperation with the four basic ways that the Holy Spirit brings freedom from such influence.
  • Shedding Shackles! – The Bible commands us to throw off every hindrance to walk with Jesus. Steve discusses several sources of “shackles,” and how the born-again believer can shed them once and for all!
  • Unmasking Unbelief! (Part 1 & Part 2) – Steve gives an explanation of the difference between doubt and unbelief, and how faith is the “vehicle” that takes us from unbelief or doubt to a place of belief. Truth revealed by the Holy Spirit allows us to remove the masks behind which unbelief may remain hidden, and to please God by believing what He says!

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