Freedom is For You! – VOLUME 3

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This set of powerful teachings go in-depth into the freedom that is available to you through the heart of Father God.  This set contains a total of 5 powerful teachings!

Volume 3

  • Freedom To Obey! – When we receive our freedom from slavery to sin, through our adoption purchased by the blood of the Lamb, we no longer are controlled by rebellion (witchcraft!). Our freedom to obey the Lord in all things leads to more of the joy of the Lord, which in turn brings strength, and that in turn enables us to obey more freely, and so on. Steve shares keys from Scripture that help us stay in this “good rut!”
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness! (Part 1 & Part 2) – One of the most common issues found in healing ministry is unforgiveness and its relatives: bitterness and resentment. Because these attitudes of the heart are sometimes ‘buried” deeply, Steve underscores the importance of recognizing clues to these insidious strongholds and achieving lasting victory over them! Physical healing often follows quickly after acknowledgment, confession, repentance, and forgiveness from the heart.
  • Ambush Your Anger! – Too often, believers try to deal with anger after it flares up and destroys relationships, objects, and their loved ones. After pointing out that godly anger is pleasing to the Father, Steve outlines biblical solutions to getting free from unholy anger before it can gain control, and some keys to gaining an unoffendable heart as we grow in Christlikeness.
  • A Cake of Peace! – Steve gives a “recipe” for peace that combines ingredients such as knowing that God wants you to have peace, believing that you can have it, and trusting God to answer prayer. God’s Word contains an old-testament example of the “peace that surpasses all understanding” promised by Paul in Phil 4:7; you may be surprised by the lesson it contains!

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