Freedom is For You! – VOLUME 4

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This set of powerful teachings go in-depth into the freedom that is available to you through the heart of Father God.  This set contains a total of 4 powerful teachings!

Volume 4

  • Healing Happens! – God heals in so many ways, that we are unable to predict how it will happen, how often, to how many people, or in what places! Using biblical and current examples, Steve shows how healing happens in spite of our limitations and lack of understanding, and that our Father wants us to learn in the process. It’s our inheritance!
  • The Proverbs 31 Man! – The qualities that the Proverbs-31 woman exemplifies can be nurtured and encouraged by the men (husband, father, brothers) in her life as they endeavor to provide the kind of environment in which she can flourish. If you are a married man, you can trade in your wife for a Proverb-31 woman if you follow the biblical lessons and keys described by Steve in this powerful call to true manhood! Single men heading for marriage are challenged to treat well the women in their lives.
  • God Wants to Heal – A Lesson From Africa! – Having just returned from an incredible tour of East Africa in which he witnessed three entire villages healed by the compassionate touch of the Father, Steve shares his rock-solid conviction that God wants to heal! The testimony fashioned by powerful moves of God will amaze and encourage you to believe that “all things are possible for him who believes!” The lessons learned from African ministry will help bring heavenly perspective to your view of your destiny as a son of God!
  • Receiving Unconditionally! – Most believers have the goal of learning to give (and love!) unconditionally, but often are hindered because of an inability to receive unconditionally! Steve shares how subtle forms of pride can get in the way of receiving without strings, and that incredible joy awaits those who can receive. After all, you are the “apple of His eye” and He desires you to freely receive all He wants to give!

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