Freedom is For You! – VOLUME 5

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This set of powerful teachings go in-depth into the freedom that is available to you through the heart of Father God.  This set contains a total of 7 powerful teachings!

Volume 5

  • Breaking Unholy Ties! (Part 1 & Part 2 & Freedom Prayer) – During countless freedom sessions with visitors to The Father’s Touch Ministries healing meetings, relational breakthroughs finally occur when unholy “soul” ties with people from the past, or even emotional ties to future or ideal images, are broken and hearts are made free to fully love others in a healthy manner. Listen to this powerful message of freedom as Steve shares several keys to identifying and dealing with unholy ties. Join with the many saints who have severed the “knots” holding them back!
  • Jump For Joy! – In this nugget-rich message delivered in the Hrock Vertical series at HRock (formerly Harvest Rock) Church in Jan 2011, Steve helps explain the difference between happiness and joy. After reviewing key biblical principles for growing in true joy, he helps guide the listener along an ancient pathway to joy that begins with the obedience fostered by the love of Christ. Let Steve’s encouragement spur you to “jump” out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of everlasting joy in Jesus!
  • Living With Your Best Friend! (Part 1 & Part 2) – This encouraging 2-CD message was delivered in the Hrock Vertical series at HRock (formerly Harvest Rock) Church in Oct 2010. Steve leads the audience in a delightful exploration of the heart of Jesus in his role as our “best friend,” and helps bring understanding of Jesus’ passionate desire to live with his best friend: you! Be strongly encouraged as you listen to a sampling of friendship adventures experienced by Steve and his Best Friend!
  • God Thinks You Are Really Cool! – In this uplifting message delivered in Oct 2012, Steve highlights key scriptures that reveal glimpses of how important we are to God. In the Father’s view, all of creation became very good when you “came upon the scene” in Adam, and you cause Him to rejoice ecstatically! God was “compelled” to create eternity because of His love for you, and He demonstrated His love during the ministry time by healing many with specific conditions during the operation of the gift of words of knowledge! God thinks you are really cool!

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