“My Brain is Restored!” – 42 years of Bipolar Disorder and Depression healed

By March 31, 2014December 6th, 2020No Comments

Hello Steve,

You prayed for me last month at a home ministry meeting in Washington.

I was healed of both bipolar disorder and early Alzheimer’s that night — though I didn’t realize all this until 12 days later!

As you can imagine, I am so very grateful for your ministry. When I was 21, I began suffering from (inherited) bipolar disorder, which became 42 years of extreme manic episodes and even worse depression–at times, suicidal. This illness was wiped out that night!

And the evidence and fear of Alzheimer’s (and that of my mom’s–I believe she is also being healed) has gone. My brain is restored!

(You also prayed for me, on behalf of my friend, whose birthday it was and who was suffering terrible effects of chemo. She didn’t let me visit her for a few weeks, but finally let me come and bring the gift of healing. Despite some ups and downs, she is now greatly improved and giving glory to God.)

May God bless you for being accessible to ordinary people vs. seeking fame or recognition.

I praise the Lord!
And thank you!